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Lara Whitley Studio

How it Works

Maybe you have an idea that you just know would be a game changer, but are uncertain how to launch it? Or perhaps you have specific projects in mind, if only you could free up some time to bring them to life? Or you wish you could find someone to sit down with and talk through your dream? 

I got you. Ever since I was a kid (check out the note I wrote to my family during a summer vacation), I have been an idea person. I believe the world is a better place when we bring our most daring, most true ideas — and selves — to the world. I love leading a process that ushers them in. 

For me, it’s about seeing the full possibility of your vision and then strategizing to bring this expansive version of you and your organization to life. Then putting my skills and experiences to work for you: delivering results.



Developing a blueprint that leverages branding and creative resources to deliver on your organization’s mission and goals


Harnessing the power of design thinking to collaboratively conjure ideas and solutions


Creating the promise — to yourself, your customers and the future — that to serves as a compass guide your organization


Using words, colors, imagery and experiences to share your story in a contagious way


Bringing intention to public communications: marketing, advertising, PR and so much more


Gathering, writing, organizing, and editing information for narrative power


Creating interactive opportunities for customers to experience your brand first-hand


Programming art experiences to capture the imagination, change the conversation, and spark community action


Designing experiences for customers that elicit positive feelings and deepen connections to your brand


Developing a comprehensive go-to-market strategy to launch your new product, service or idea


Leading a thoughtful, actionable and effective process to bring your vision to life


Facilitating a culture of inclusivity by developing DEI+J teams and orchestrating members toward a common goal of representation

Together We Rise: Five Phases

My approach is deeply collaborative. Our project will not be something I do for you or to you, but something we do together. You can count on me — and I’ll be counting on you too. Our collaboration will have five phases: Discovery, Distillation, Strategy, Action and Alignment.


begins with an in-depth conversation, then a custom survey for you and concurrent research for me, to drill down into your enterprise. During this Discovery period, I will take stock of where you’ve been, where you’re headed and what landscape you are traversing (think: competitor, market trends, the atmosphere of current events). My priority will be to gain a deep understanding of your organization.


is a quieter period. I am working on my own to synthesize the data I have collected and to reflect your organization back to you. This is the foundation of your branding, which we will review to make sure you, too, see in it the highest and most authentic version of your organization. My priority will be to clarify the essence and potential of your brand. 


is when I begin to activate that potential. Bringing in 20+ years of experience in the field, I craft goals, strategies, tactics and a timeline in a Strategic Workplan to realize your vision on your budget. Strategies could include anything from Digital Storytelling to Demonstrating Gratitude, whatever will best serve your cause. We will collaborate to finetune the Workplan. My priority will be to create a blueprint for action. 


is when we start rolling, gathering a team of creatives that’s right for your project, assembling any necessary expertise, from graphic designers and web developers to social media consultants and artists. With the Workplan as our guide, we begin sequencing the steps, delivering content and materials, editing (another highly collaborative phase), and any other actions to bring your vision to market. My priority will be to harness all the resources to power your launch. 


is the process of evaluating how we’re doing and adjusting as needed. These check-ins will happen along the way, as well as at project end. I am constantly assessing goals and metrics from the Workplan to be certain we are on track to optimize your launch. My priority is to make sure I have made the most of every opportunity to deliver your idea with clarity, possibility and power.

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